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Welcome to North Bay Yacht - Sailing School
North Bay Yacht's Sailing School is located on the Upper Chesapeake Bay on the open waters of the North East River. We offer a diversity of sailing activities from Basic Keelboat Sailing instruction to Half Day Sailing Charters, Destination Crewed Charters, and Small Group Charters.

Our sailing instruction is achievement oriented and focused on individual success. Our Basic Keelboat Program (entry level sailing) is designed for one or two couples, providing maximum sailing exposure. Sailing Instructional packages, wrapped around waterside accommodations on the Chesapeake Bay, can reinvent the typical vacation by adding adventure and fueling passion for personal goal achievement. Learning to sail extends horizons and enriches life through a shared learning experience.
Lady at sail
As much a professional teacher as a professional sailor my focus is to impart the skills of a sailor as both an art and a science, yet instructing at a level that will accommodate all learning types.

Sailing does not necessarily have to do with owning a sailboat (, it's about learning skills that can take you to edge of the world (Caribbean Charters) or provide weekend and extended vacation enjoyment for the whole family or get you out day sailing with friends. Our sailing programs from the Basic Keelboat to Bareboat/Cruising will build your resume and/or give you the credentials and confidence to be underway and manage a sailboat to your desired size.

But if owning a sailboat with a live aboard dream is your goal, we can not only give you the skills to get you out there but assist you in the details that will shorten the learning curve to getting you aboard.

Learning to sail, helps one explore the undiscovered aspect of ones own nature, for sailing is truly an adventure for the soul. It helps to breakout of the everyday "social circle", engaging life at multiple levels; learning to sailing is skills oriented and life enhancing.

Before you select another sailing school permit us to share our passion for sailing with you and discover how we can effectively and economical get you under sail through the must effective manner, the Graduated Length Method (GLM). It's how all the professional learned. Talk with us. We'll help put sailing in prospective.

Students at the helm of Journey
Students at the helm of Journey
with Captain Appleton overseeing

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